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Finest Indian Cuisine

About Us

 Shafiq's Taste of India is a family based restaurant that delivers  exquisite taste along with a friendly and inviting environment.   It is a family run business that ensures customer satisfaction  together with fantastic food.  

About the Resturant

Welcome to the Taste of India, and experience of the Indian Cuisine which holds a proud place in the list of distinguished cuisines of the world. Indian food reflects the enormous eco-ethno-cultural diversity of the land as it does the influences of its many ancient rulers - particularly of the Moghul.

although the rise of spices (recorded on sanscript writings 3,000 years ago) is the common denominator of the Indian dishes and their distinguishing factors when compared with other world cuisines.

About the menu

This menu has been carefully selected to meet a two pronged objective: To represent the above diversity and to include the most flavorsome and tasty dishes.

Although "curry" is frequently and incorrectly used in the the West to describe Indian food in general, this word is the anglicized versions of the Tamil word "Kari" -meaning sause or a combination of seasonings, cooked with vegetables or meat to make a stew-type dish.